Daycare Center
Baby Room Class
The baby room is for infants 6 weeks to 1 year of age. We will follow your schedule for your child. We provide supervised tummy time to strengthen muscles and we love to cuddle, hold, and rock the babies! We also read, sing, and talk to them all day and use facial expressions with them. We also love to do art work and keepsakes for mom and dad.

Toddler Room Class

The Toddler room is for children ages 1 to 2. We start to introduce them to a schedule and set times for certain activities. They will also start doing a shortened version of circle time, introducing color, shapes, and themes for each month (ex: animals, transportation, family, etc). They will do lots of art work and get tons of play time inside and out. We talk to them all day and show them through actions the positive way to play and interact with classmates. 

Twos, Threes, and Fours


We have 2 Two year old classes, 24 months to 30 months and 30 months to 3 years old. In both classes we are on a structured schedule. They both do circle time, learning about, alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and different topics each month. They do art projects and classroom activities that encourage learning and teamwork. We will start potty training when the child and parents are ready to. We focus on positive reinforcement and encourage good behavior.

Our 3 year old class room also follows the same schedule as the twos, but their circle time is more detailed adding the calendar and weather as well. They do a lot of large group activities and art projects. They must be potty trained in order to move up to the three year old room. This is the age were we really start preparing them for pre-k and kindergarten.   

At our Socastee location we also have offer First Steps 4K here at the center. It is free to families that qualify. Please ask the director for more details.


If you have a 4 year old and do not qualify for the 4K program, don't worry we have you covered. Your child will still learn all the same things that the 4K class is learning and they will get a great advantage going into kindergarten.